Sustainable Tourism Biosphere


Biosphere Presentation
Our Hotel has implemented a Sustainability policy oriented towards compliance with the International Standard Biosphere Hotel. This Standard was developed by the NGO Responsible Tourism Institute, is recognized and accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and is implemented in Tourism industry destinations, companies and equipment under the auspices of the WTO and in accordance with an understanding agreement with to UNESCO.
The Norma Biosphere Hotel integrates six basic requirements of transversal nature, which converge with each other, allowing the organization to perform well in sustainable tourism:

- Business Performance;
- Sustainable Tourism Policies;
- Conservation and Improvement of the Natural and Cultural Heritage;
- Economic and Social Development of Destination;
- Environmental Conservation;
- Customer satisfaction.
The good application of the requirements of the Biosphere Hotel Standard allows our unit an affirmation of its values of sustainability and consequently differentiate itself in the market.
We count on your commitment to day-to-day life of Norma Biosphere.
Sustainability Policy

To be an economically sustainable unit, working on a constant improvement of the service provided to its clients, based on respect for its employees and for the social, cultural and environmental environment.
Daily commitment for continuous improvement, enabling our employees to comply with those principles, always seeking to increase the satisfaction of our customers regardless of the motivations that bring them to us.